Saturday, April 4, 2015

I am a highschool lover..♡

.. and you're my favourite flavor ♡
 I dont know why but i have always been fascinated by the word "dream" and the dreamy atmosphere and everything that concerns being in a dream. I like the feeling of indefinite, not being and being, real and not real, i like the non-certain and the confused state of mind.
This explains pretty much why my favourite movie director is David Lynch ehe.
So, when it comes to ethereal, dreamy and uncertain non definite atmospheres i feel it's istant ℒℴѵℯ.
The other day I watched "The Virgin Suicides" again, absolutely one of my fav movies, directed by Sophia Coppola in 1999.
Things I adore: music and everything about the cinematography/colors/direction.
It makes me float and feel I am on a cloud back in the seventies, watching from above, movin slowly along the scenes.
I guess so many girls can relate, in a way, which makes it the perfect movie about teenage to me.

 I don't know how many times I watched it but everytime it feels like the first time, and it touches me and moves me deeply, no matter what.

 Some silly direction effects I adore and I find cute.

Another great thing about it and something I find it's half worth to watch this movie is the music.
It's just perfection.

 Air curated one of the two existings soundtracks of the movie. I love it so so much.  
It makes you float in a dreamy world and it cuddle your feeling especially if you are a little bit down.


The movie's main theme is suicide, which is something that makes people feel obviously uncomfortable. But director makes it look like something who any of us might have thought about at least once during our teenage years, thus it's very touching and real even if very sad and scary.

I love the girly atmosphere, the fact that the sisters are so united, till the end. I think Sophia Coppola didn't always do a great job in her career but this is sure, The Virgin Suicides is just great.
The story has been based on a novel called "the Virgin suicides" which I'm going to read soon♡ A friend told me about it since I wasn't aware it was, i am excited to read it!  

The other soundtrack is equally amazing, full of powerful and lovely songs from the 70's~

This song by Gilbert 'O Sullivan is so beautiful and at the same time very very sad.
One of my favourites. Aah I love this so much! ;;

I hope some of you enjoyed this post and can forgive me if I still can't be good enough at writing long articles, but I'll try to keep at it and hopefully I will! ♡
Let's all get lost in a dream~

Wednesday, April 1, 2015

This is me. ♡

I will skip all that part where I apologize for my lack of posts, I just felt it was finally time to come back blogging after I have thought about it at least a hundred of times..

I want this place to be active from now on, I feel I have always had, in the past few years, a costant hate/love for showing myself on social medias, talking about me, talking about my life and how things go with me in general. I am on every kind of social media and I do use them quite often, though for what concerns actually showing my real me, that's another story. I just think it's time I let this feeling go, since I struggle with this choice i'll try for a "let's share the more that i can" thing from now on!
The main purpose is open up to people, not feeling scared anymore or else too caring about this and that.
I have decided this year will be the "true myself " year, where I'll do everything in order to find the right choices for me in my life, and look up to what I really love and desire. I think most people who know me assume i am an extrovert kind of person, though the truth is instead that i am an introvert or actually a very well mess of the two things together, which makes everything worse for me, to an extent.

Truth is that I generally feel pretty much lonely most of the time, wether it is because of me closing myself out of the world, or the fact I always end up keeping a very few importants persons close to me only. Which I don't want to stop me from knowing lots of lovely people out there, not anymore.
The fact is, I don't want to be afraid anymore, even if I care too much, or if I tend to be selective and picky about people to have a comnection with (which i hate), there is no reasons why I should stop being who I am, a person who cares and loves deeply and wants to have friends, like everybody else.

Because of my work, being an indipendent artisan/designer, I basically spent the last years mostly sitting in my room, crafting for my shop and doing things, except for my trips to Japan, that gave more sense to my existence and made me the person I am now. Because of this, I feel I am a part-time hikikomori to an extent, of course I am not using this word meaning it at its full sense, but to give the idea where I feel trapped in my own country, in my own city, house, room, most of my days, months, years..

To give the explanation for my sense of refuse to go out, everyday, for the depressed feelings and the fact I am being very bad while living here. And this surely didn't help everything else too.

So, online activity someway became addictive, a way to escape from my everyday reality, and a trap nonetheless. Love & hate. But I am still here using an online social media, trying to express my feelings and forcing myself to be honest and true about anything, I am sure this is good!
Not really sure why, but it feels it is the right thing to do. Or maybe I just you know, need to vent and not bother anybody directly.

One thing is sure, I will try to update this place very often, even if just for a silly picture + quotes from a movie, or a consideration about life, or a more deep talking and such.

Thank you for everyone who felt curious to come here and read these silly words, it means so much to me, really.

Friday, April 5, 2013

Magical Tokyo〜☆ 2012⌒♡ part 1

Dear lovelies♥  It feels good to write here again after a short time I must say!  
I'm proud though today, I made it, finally! 
This will be the first part of many posts with pictures and talkings about my trip 
to Japan in last october/november! Yeahh! 
Only about 6 months later, I happened to feel like I had to, lol~( ///v///) 
But it's the result that counts, in the end!
So no more excuses and let me show you this first introduction post and of course, pictures!
 I apologize in advance for the bad quality of these first pictures (it was that day when you arrive exhausted and you only get to use your phone ahah)
anyway I loved to edit them to be more bright and kinda toy camera-ish~♥ 
Nakano Shimbashi, my true LOVE

Although it's only the second time I visit Tokyo I feel  like I found my very own home in this quiet, darling and lovely neighbourhood and I feel I couldn't stay in another place even though I'm very curious of course and I'd love to stay sometimes around other cool mid-central areas like Harajuku, Koenji, and  lots of others more~  
Nakano is really a lovely place to visit, I would recomment it to everyone!
From here you can for example walk to Shinjuku by foot in like 40 minutes, that's really not bad if you consider how long the distances usually are in this awesome huge city! 

There's something so fascinating to me about the thousands of electric cables all across the streets which you usually see drawing lines and geometric figures right above your head, I can't explain how this touches me and get me all emotional and in a dreaming mood but it does...
Here you can see the apartment windows, 
I was at third floor but my windows are not located by this side of the building~
Right down the street you have literally EVERYTHING you might ever need.

Three conbini, (one Seven Eleven, one Sunkus and one Family Mart) which you will easily switch from, depending on your pickyness and tastes lol.
Two italian restaurants, ahah this is so silly I know! But as a very pizza junkie as I am,
 I already know that at some point of the trip I WILL GO CRAZY if I won't have a good pizza.. huhu I'm such an obsessed girl (♥ // ㋭// ਊ// ㋲//)

This is another thing I absolutely adore about this part of Nakano, this cute red bridge which stands above a small stream, which I think belongs to Kanda river, but not sure, and where you can get a panoramic overlook at an amazing Shinjuku with skyscrapers and buildings~ 

This might sounds strange but I am in love with big metropolis sceneries eheh! 

Another street view of the long road which also has a subway line station, just called Nakano Shimbashi~ You have several shops and restaurants like, a very convenient and super good take away sushi shop, a ramen restaurant, a katsudon restaurant, various cosmetic shops, Pachinkos, a news-stand, and many others nice places~

That day I had a walk around Shinjuku to head off the apartments company office and get everything done, ahh everytime I see Shinjuku I die!
(wait this is actually a very popular proverb but about
 another city ahah)

Even taxy cars have bright and lovely design, a bit retro! 

You know I can't stop gazing and admiring and being all silly with my head up looking at how this city develops in height, rather than or not only in width.. this is quite fascinating to me also, considering I live in a very very different kind of city, which is Rome!

Also, skyscrapers are so friendly! ; v; Yeah, I said friendly.. when I walked down the street at night all alone.. watching those big, weird things all dominating from the above, with robot-looking red blinking lights and opened illuminated windows really made me feel like I wasn't alone, like if you always have something to look at and to feel close to. I know this may sound stupid but really that was pretty much the feeling I had! 

Some very nice place to spend some time at, eheh! 

Cute AKB48 board~♥

Lots of inviting ufo catcher over there, so so many!

 damn I don't always resist lol! 

Look at these chubby adorable silly Pompompurins, damn I was about to spend all my money trying to get at least 10 but then I remembered how these evil machines really can turn you out super poor if you're not good enough, and I'm not, ahah ; v; 

awww so cute! 

A classic but never old 太鼓の達人 (Taiko no tatsujin, one of my favourite eheh) game! 

I need someone who will feel enough crazy and silly to play with me for an hour in a neverending battle huhuhuhu! (๑•̀ुᴗ-) ̑

And for lunch that day I had some good sushi with green tea 

Loooook how thick  it actually is this salmon, aaah! Perfection 


And of course, as always, let's visit Takashimaya(a very nice shopping mall full of things),
  for sweet and darling and NECESSARY (╬ ಠ 益ಠ) (lol) stationery stuff like Little Twin stars (several) diaries/pens/memos which I will never use them all it's just obvious x3 
But I HAD to have them ; u ;

And it's all for today!! I hope you enjoyed a bit this story and pictures~  (◡ ‿ ◡ ☆ミ)
As I am super busy I will try to post twice in a week, hopefully!~~ 
Mata ne!

Saturday, February 9, 2013

I'm back! .. ?! (◍՞ ਊ ՞◍)

Dear, dear forgotten lovely readers!
W-what happened here!? ?? <- Ehm, what're you doing here Kiki are you maybe wondering what I did in the past months too?
Not to be mean but you two can't really understand, you're always dreaming and floating over rainbows and clouds you silly adorable mini-friends..
I'm just so sad I have basically let this blog getting old without updating with any posts or news or anything at all, aah~
So many things occured in my life actually, so many!!
Rira-chan! ☆: ✩*⋆
Yeah, that has happened too, for sure! How sweet of you two to also made a cute animation for me, eee~  (●´ᆺ`) (╯ᆺ╰๑) ドキ♡ ドキ
Well, yes I'm getting so old, damn! Last year it's been really a long year for me, too many things happened, included a very surprising one and a very exciting and super waited one! Around the end of september I attended a local comic convention and thankfully I finally managed to clear things up with my friend and ex-collegue Sara, and this is something really positive I must admit! I didn't expect this to happen if I have to be honest.. Everything has been made by two friends of us, without who I don't think this could have ever been possible, ahah! Though surprisingly it was just Sara that wanted to talk with me about all the matter and finally explain everything, that's what she eventually did, and me with her. I didn't think I would have feel better after we'd do that because I kind of decided I was so firmly willfully convinced and absolutely not wishful to get back having a friendship with her. But, you know, things and feelings are really weird sometimes! I finally felt better about me and her and all the things that caused troubles, our project to drastically change and us to part away .
We talked a lot and basically made up that day, and the days after we became friends again, step by step~ I'm glad to have got over it, I think afterall everything happens for a reason~

Second thing, after 3 years of waiting and desperate missing I finally landed in my favourite place in the world again, I came back in Japan! !  

This was my dream since long time and I was working on it since ages!
I stayed one month and I had so much fun and the lovely chance to get to know super awesome people and to meet dear online friends and girls I adore and aaaw I'm just so happy and I alread miss everything so much!

Of course, considering my lazyness and incredible lack of perseverance in things, especially things like blogging lol, I didn't post nor upload any picture (just something on instagram ;;) or reports from Japan, damn me I'm so predictable!
And I have so maaany things to tell you guys! And of course tons of pictures to show you! 
I know this has only been a post full of emoticons and nothing else super cute to see, but forgive me, I will seriously persevere in taking care of this blog, I promise! 
 w-what? Are you maybe laughing at my promise you two?!
D-damn (╬ ಠ 益ಠ) everyone doubts about it!

But you, you don't!

Until next time dear cuties! Mata ne~